Energize Your Life (Part 1)


By Keshava Betts
October 9, 2018

Many of us have practiced the energization exercises. We’ve all heard that they have profound benefits; they energize our body, harmonize our feeling nature, increase our willpower, help us to concentrate, and perhaps most importantly they teach us that our true nature is energy. But how many of us actually experience those benefits every time we practice? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel, through your own experience, a deepening understanding of all those qualities? Here are some simple ways you can tune into the power, and the joy, of the energization exercises.

Ask for the blessings and guidance of Yogananda:
  • Try praying to Yogananda, asking him to help you in the practice of the exercises. He called them, “One of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon mankind.” Pray that he reveal to you their true nature.
  • As you practice, visualize Yogananda practicing them through you, as if he were inside you.
  • As you begin to feel the flow of energy in the body, try to feel that it is His energy animating your tension and relaxation.
  • If there are any exercises that you don’t fully understand, ask Yogananda to reveal their purpose to you.
  • Make the exercises an inward dance between yourself and Yogananda.
Get into the flow of energy and inspiration:
  • Energy is a flow, not a stagnant state. The secret of sustained energy is creating such a strong current, that like a mighty river, it carries you through your whole day, through every obstacle with a sense of joyful expansion!
  • Tune into the flow of energy by gracefully building tension and relaxation. Try to equally emphasize both elements.
  • Remember: Energy is limitless, boundless, omnipresent. All you need to do is open yourself to receive it.
Make every practice of energization your deepest one yet
  • Try to build a personal momentum with the energization exercises (and all yoga techniques).
  • Try to pick up where you left off, continually diving deeper into a particular element that is inspiring for you.
  • Through deeper, more concentrated, more sincere practice of the energization exercises, the Cosmic Intelligence will reveal to you wisdom. You will begin to know that you are not the body; you are cosmic energy!

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  1. Thank you great soul!
    I LOVE this post. It’s been a blessing to watch you live the teachings.

    I have come to appreciate the EE in a new profound way in the last few months. Your suggestions are a welcome addition.
    Here’s to energizing!!!

    Marilyn Rose

  2. Thank you, Keshava. Under the heading of cosmic connections, just before I opened my inbox and read your post, my phone inexplicably popped up the energization exercises app! Having been feeling run down at work recently, I thought to myself that is Master reminding me to do those. Then imagine my surprise at opening your email a couple seconds later and seeing the topic! That’s it! Getting back on the energization horse! Thanks, again! Excellent post!

  3. Thank you for these inspiring (“energizing”) suggests, Keshava.

    I’ve done the Energizers regularly since 1967. Master said that if you were stranded on a desert island and had no other yoga techniques, the Energizers would be the most useful, as you could eventually “figure it all out” from there. I am increasingly realizing the spiritual usefulness of these exercises. Most especially, I’m realizing that they are first and foremost and entirely about the spine. Very often after a peppy and focused practice I feel a deep silence an inner focus after practicing. I’m also becoming increasingly aware of how each exercise was designed to do specific things with the spine.

    The “windmill” exercise for example powerfully stimulates and awakens the upper spine if you give it a robust shot of energy. I always feel MUCH better prepared to meditate, and my meditations go better, if I practice the Energizers beforehand. I could never understand the recommendation to do them AFTER morning meditation – the claim was that they would be too stimulating to do them before meditation, which in my experience was the exact opposite of the case because they harmonize the energy and bring it under control throughout the body in addition to the peace they give to heart and mind.

    After 51 years of regular practice, during which I practiced almost 41 years without a day’s miss, I am enjoying the Energizer more than ever. Free tip: have a half glass of finely ground almonds in orange juice maybe 1-2 hours before doing them in the evening – you’ll feel strong like an eagle.

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