Yoga to Awaken The Chakras

The Seven Gates to Freedom!

Awaken to your spiritual center in this seven week series!

Guided yoga postures, energy exercises, and meditation will allow you to open and direct the energy of each chakra to cleanse out toxins in the mental, astral, and physical body so that your natural radiance and beauty will shine from the inside out.

When we understand the mechanics of the subtle body and how to purify the chakras, it becomes much easier to rise into a natural state of happiness. You will leave each week feeling calmer, lighter and blissfully transformed.


Come to all or any of the classes in the series:

May 9:           Earth Element (Steadfastness, Endurance, and Faith)

May 16:         Water Element (Flowing with Life’s Changes)

May 23:         Fire Element (Fiery Self-Control)

May 30:         Air Element (Developing Divine Love)

June 13:         Ether Element (Calm Expansion)

June 20:         Spiritual Eye (Enlightenment)

June 27:         Application of all 6 Chakras and Meditation on the 7th (Liberation)

Upcoming Series:

Date:          7 Tuesdays,
(May 16 – July 4, 2017)

Time:          10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Instructor:    Paul Fetler

Cost:       $15.00 per class