Babaji’s Helping Hand

By Keshava Betts
October 10, 2017

I had a mysterious encounter with a stranger about eight years ago, the memory of which has always puzzled me.

I was in Washington DC with my high-school class on a field-trip during one of the most intense snow-storms the city had seen in nearly a decade (or so we were told). We were having dinner at a host’s house one evening when it began to snow. By the time we finished dinner, there was six inches of snow on the ground, and the storm only appeared to be worsening!

We immediately realized it was time to leave before the roads devolved from worrisome to treacherous. We rushed outside, but it seemed we were already too late – the driveway we were parked in was on a slight slope, and we couldn’t even get our vehicle out of the driveway. Even with myself and another student trying to push the car, the only thing we were met with was the sound of slipping tires on the snow.

The snow was falling quickly, it was cold, and even those of us trying to help push the car were slipping in the snow. I realized that if we couldn’t get out of this driveway quickly we probably wouldn’t make it home. God, help us! I thought as I pushed into the back of the car again. The tires only slipped and squealed in the snow. 

I stood up to catch my breath and reassess the situation when suddenly there was a man near-by wearing simple clothes and a jacket. He smiled at me and asked if we could use some help. I gratefully accepted, but I told him that I thought the car was stuck. He made some remark of being unconcerned with the situation, gave a quick tip to the driver, and came and stood next to me to help push the vehicle from behind. 

On our first attempt we managed to push the car out of the driveway and into the road. I let out a cry of joy and I thanked the man for helping us. He smiled. Without missing a moment, I went to the driver-side window and asked if the driver thought we’d make it home.

When I turned around a second later to thank the man for helping us, he was gone.

Totally gone. I couldn’t see him on the sidewalk in either direction, on either side of the street. I could see the snowfall had turned yellow by the street lamps, but no sign of the man. That’s when I realized I hadn’t seen, or heard him approach. I stood in the snow a few more moments and wondered if I’d just seen an angel.

For a time I wondered what had happened. Had the man just been out for an evening stroll and decided to help us (while also possessing incredible skills at disappearing without a trace), or had it really been an angel sent to help us?

Last week I happened to retell this story to a group of friends, after which one remarked that my mysterious benefactor could have been Babaji. On some level I felt that he was right; I do think it was Babaji who came to our rescue on that snowy evening. I sent up a sincere prayer demand, and it was suddenly answered. Whether or not it was literally Babaji, or an instrument sent by Babaji, hardly matters to me. I can feel his grace surrounding the experience.

In the Autobiography of a Yogi, it is written that “Anyone who utters the name of Babaji with reverence will receive an instantaneous spiritual blessing.” The Masters, and Babaji, want to help. They are always listening to our hearts. Whether we call out for help with moving a stuck car, or with a sticky desire in our hearts, they always hear us.

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  1. My former fiance in Japan was a yoga teacher and a compassionate spirit to many who came to his home to practice hatha yoga. I asked him where he had studied and he showed me the picture of Babaji in Yoganada’s Autobiography. He told me he had learned from Babaji who came to him when he was alone in his room at night. He had no other teachers, indeed, there were none in the city where we lived. Once, he told me, he traveled to India to seek out a teacher there. The yogis he met were surprised by his advanced techniques. He was going to be outcast from his family if we married and so we had to part. Babaji has been in my heart since the sixties. He is my comfort.

  2. That’s a great story. I’m really glad to know it happened in Washington DC as well. 🙂 That’s the most inspiring story from that town that I’ve heard in a long time. shanti shanti shanti

  3. Wonderful experience ! I feel you are lucky to have the great help( may be the stranger is sent by God to save you ) at the worst time due to such weather condition I feel that I may not understand the ways of God till He bless me to know Him .May the Great Babaji bless us all !

    Arunava Bhattacharya.

  4. Wonderful. A few years back I had just finished watching the three season DVD of King Fu, a show from the 70s I loved as a child. One night, in spiritual dismay I soul called to the masters asking, “do the masters know who I am.” The next day I went to a local muffler shop. While I was waiting for my car a strange man walked in. He went to the bathroom, but came out a few seconds later and came up to me. He said he knew karate, and that “although he did not have a belt, the masters knew who he was.” I was puzzled, paid for my vehicle and left. It was only once I left that I realized what had occurred, and that the man closely resembled Lahiri Mahasaya! I was prevented from recognizing him until I had left.

  5. another sign, another touch of grace and divinity , whether it manifests subtly or more profoundly might not matter. But for believers and for those who have experienced God, the benefactor is more real than all that eyes can see in this otherwise plain and mundane realm…..i can relate with every word of what you’ve written as I myself have had such similar experiences of absolute helplessness to sudden angel helpers appear from nowhere to offer that helping hand.

  6. Hi Keshava,

    I’m glad to hear your experience. I was grateful to the Universe the day I came to know about Mahavatar Babaji for considering me worthy to know about Him. I feel that until Babaji himself wants to be known to us, we are oblivious of Him. I really wish to see him exactly the way Paramahamsa Yogananda did. I hope I can know what I must do to have that experience. 🙂

  7. Once, when I was walking in the woods the Song of the Morning Ranch in Northern Michigan, I was praying deeply to Babaji and Master or any of the Great Ones, Divine Mother too, to appear to me in bodily form. When I returned to the Lodge, I expressed my disappointment that none of them had appeared to me. One of my friends said, “We don’t always see Them, but They always see us.”

  8. What synchronicity! I’m relaxing after work, glancing at news headlines that have popped up on my phone. Closing my eyes and visualizing, I called to Master Yogananda and specifically Babaji to help us with the fires in CA and with the mounting nuclear tensions. The very next thing I did was open my email, and this was the first one I saw! Spine-tingling validation! Joy and gratitude to you and our Gurus from TX.

    1. Very wonderful, indeed! I sometimes play “hide-and-go-seek” with Babaji now, looking for his blessings throughout my day. 🙂

  9. These little visits from our Holy Ones are always so “normally comforting.” There is a feel to them. Thank them and you for sharing the gift you received to us.


  10. Love this, Keshava! Many thanks for sharing your wonderful inspirational account. Gives me the chills…spirit chills. 🙂 I have had many angelic gifts along my path of life, and I KNOW Babaji and many other Beings of Light are there to help us in these times of need and ALWAYS.


  11. Lovely story. Who knows who God sent? It didn’t matter then and it doesn’t matter now! You asked for help and it was sent! You are loved and now you know you were heard!

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